How to get customers to listen when the last thing they want to hear about is you

Ask yourself this - is the content you create relevant and valuable to your target audience? Will they want to share it with their peers, tune in on a regular basis and take the actions you want them to take?

That's the goal of a great content strategy.

Not so long ago, we didn't mind being interrupted by information that put on the hard sell. Not any more.

If you want to get the attention of your target audience - and gain their trust - focus on being useful and helpful.

The net is full of mediocre content, so quality counts.

Importantly, it's an ongoing process. Invest the time and energy to make your content great, and your target audience will respond.

Great Content - The Foundation of Your Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing

It's not worth it unless there's great content to send people to.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Want to drive traffic to your site? Google says the most important factor is quality content.

3. PPC

Send prospects to great content and they might just do business with you.

4. Public Relations

It's nothing without content and they might just do business with you.

5. Email Marketing

Persuasive content sent to customers' inboxes drives conversions.

6. YouTube Marketing

Those videos should be nothing but great content.







How to Create Great Content That Works

Be Valuable

Create content that educates, informs and entertains your target audience.

Get found

Optimise your content for search engines and share it around the web to drive word-of-mouth referrals.

Inspire Action

Get potential customers to know, like and trust your business to maximise the opportunity to drive them closer to your offer.

How We Develop A Content Strategy For You

Brand analysis and strategy

Content strategy research development

Editorial planning and development

Content creation

Content distribution

Content measurement



Business Analysis and Research

First, we find out where you're at? What content have you already got? What are your competitors doing? Who are your potential customers, and why aren't they doing business with you? And, yes, your goals - what specifically are you trying yo achieve.


Content Strategy Development

Now that we know where you want to go, and the landscape to be navigated, it's time to drill into the content detail. The discovery phase will have informed themes and topics to target prospects at different stages of the decision-making process. But how will you do it? From site content to videos, Facebook to email marketing, you're spoiled for choice. But you need to choose carefully.


Editorial Plan and Calendar

What you're creating, and when and where you're publishing and distributing it, will form the basis for a strong and resilient editorial plan and calendar that will keep you and your staff motivated and accountable.


Content Creation, Distribution and Measurement

Producing great content is tough. How often have you seen a company blog that started off with a few posts and then... nothing. It;s not that organisations don't want to produce regular content. It;s just that it often ends up in the "too hard" basket.

That's where Dando comes in. We'll produce your content, distribute and share it where your prospects hang out, and then analyse its effectiveness.

Then we'll review and tweak and improve.

Content marketing is an ongoing process. And it should be at the heart of your marketing.

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