What is social media marketing?

So, how do you look online?

More importantly, how do you want to look? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before undertaking your social media work.


Social media is a powerful tool: it can make you famous, it can make products fly off (metaphorical) shelves, and it can get your phone ringing off the hook. But there is no one-size-fits-all-brands approach, and that’s why you need strategy.


So, what’s a social media strategy?

So, let’s start with those objectives: where do you want to go? It’s okay: you can dream big. Once we find out where you’re heading, we start building the map for you. Which pathways will you use to get there? This is when we establish which channels will work for your brand. Some brands– especially food and fashion brands– absolutely smash it on Instagram. Some brands find it easy to sell products through Facebook ads. And some brands stay connected on LinkedIn.


We do work with a full range of channels, from Snapchat to Twitter, and we always keep a weather eye on the horizon for what’s likely to be the next big shiny tool for kicking your marketing goals. This game is never static, and that shouldn’t be a source of anxiety for new brands in the social media space. Our research tells us that the future belongs to the early adopters and the innovators. The great thing about social media is that its low barriers to entry, immediacy and human-focus allows small brands to play in the big leagues. And that’s what we want for our clients.


Social media is famed for being somewhat grassroots, organic, and at the whim of the people who use it. But make no mistake, it has its set of data and number crunching. With us, there is no such thing as a ‘set-and-forget’ campaign: we constantly monitor and measure. And we report to you in a way that is meaningful to you, measuring against the goals we established in your strategy. Long story short, we’re data nerds at heart, and we know that there’s little more valuable than a detailed understanding of the picture that data is painting.


The right agency for you?

From speaking with a Dando consultant, you’ll find out a few things straight away: firstly, we’re not afraid to go big-picture. So you can be honest about your brand’s vision and ambition.

And secondly, we’re always looking forwards towards what might be possible in the future. We love working with trailblazers, and people who dare to be a bit different, in every field. If that sounds like you, maybe it’s time to drop us a line.

Get in touch for a free obligation-free consultation at our Melbourne office, on 656 Bridge Road Richmond. We’ll throw in a game of ping-pong, too.