Collaborating With Your Team

How we collaborate with you to get the best results

The world of digital marketing never sleeps. Not a wink. And keeping track of this beast is a full-time job.

The roadblocks of time, energy, and budget are the reality for marketing managers. You simply don’t have the bandwidth to achieve the results your brand deserves.

Having a team like Dando at your side maximises your potential. It’s an experienced, specialist team, without the in-house expenditure. We make achieving your goals effortless, cost-effective and rewarding – this is how we do it:

Committed to you

We’ve got your back one hundred percent. We support you, we listen to you, and we treat your brand as if it were our own. We work from a deep understanding of your brand and your goals: this understanding drives everything we do for you. We throw our creative and analytical brainpower right behind your campaigns, so your brand can perform at its best.


Committed to research

Your campaigns should be as smart and exciting as you are. That’s why we believe in the magnificent power of research. We’re experts in our field, but every day’s a school day. As we said, digital marketing never sleeps– new ideas and technologies emerge daily. We chase those opportunities. And then we present them to you, because your brand deserves to be as dynamic as the digital space it occupies. The research process is as collaborative as it is clever: you’ll always be in the loop and in the know.


Committed to transparency

The most successful marketing campaigns are driven by data. Everything we do is evidence-based, and every campaign is meticulously monitored. And while we are the ones acting in response to that data, we are champions of collaboration and understanding. That’s why we give you access to our very own platform that gives you all the necessary metrics. In an intuitive, user-friendly format… In real time, too! All your marketing team have to do is open up the platform: you’ll never be in the dark.

Our team is creative and clever and original… And a little bit out there. But when you work with us, we’re both your team and your cheer squad. When we work with your team, you can expect nothing but full support and fantastic results.


We help with:

Content Marketing – 70% of your clients would rather hear about you through a series of articles than through a big, flashy ad.*
Email Marketing – Still the highest ROI marketing technique on the planet.
Social Media Marketing – Well over half of Australia uses Facebook. 91% of brands are on 2+ social media platforms.* How many are making the most of it?
Search Engine Marketing – Google has the power to make or break your brand. We know how to get on its good side.
PPC/ AdWords – Your campaign needs constant monitoring to keep cost down and results up. We look after it.
Conversion Optimisation– Is your website primed for purchases? For people to donate, or contact or visit you?
Web and App Design and Development – When you have a stunning platform, you’ll see stunning results.

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