Manie makes stuff happen. He turns those dreams into a reality, and damn he does it well! Sometimes something that seems so easy is a correlation of weeks of hard work for Manie…. That teeny feature you wanted on your site? 1 week. That ‘small’ change to a home page design? 2 days. Everything he does follows a strict workflow of back ups and double back ups- if something needs to be done, it’s going to be done properly in Manie-land.

One of Manie’s favourite things is to be handed something he has no idea how to achieve… and 9.9 times out of ten making it come alive. The web development industry moves at such a rapid pace that the way we did things yesterday is old hat today. Keeps him on his toes.

He’s a mix of Geek and Hendrix. And that’s why he fits right into Dando.

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