The Founder. The Father.

Steve is not shy about the achievements of Dando and his team. And nor should he be. Working with the likes of Google, IBM, Nescafe and Kia Motor’s does give you faith in the work you do and the people you have around you. Dando gets the opportunity to delight both brands and clients audiences, turning amazing designs into an intuitive user experience, and growing the digital profile of businesses through online marketing.

We see ourselves as educators, along with all the skills that the team posses. We like to ensure that potential, and current clients, understand the ‘why’ of what we do and how we do it.

Steve’s not happy for the agency to sit back and rest on it’s laurels…. from developing a location based marketing solution involving Bluetooth technology, to a custom CMS for a client to enter as a player in a highly competitive market, he ensures that Dando continues its quest for online partner supremacy.

But he’s not all work/take over the world kind of a guy. Steve is all about the work life balance and his love of all things motor racing has lead to a particularly competitive go cart race day with the team. Annoyingly he won. But then he bought us all an Espresso Martini so we can’t really complain…


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