Mildred was what we called a distressed client. Having attempted to create an online magazine using an existing open-source Content Management System (CMS) the client came to us wanting a solution that was able to cope with her creative vision — not one restricted by the parameters of the software. We started from scratch and created a customised backend using our own,platform Spartacus.

The Story

When most people hear the name Spartacus they think of swords, sandals and Kirk Douglas. But at Dando we’ve got a bit of a geek streak, and we think of our very own bespoke Content Management System (CMS) – which we also called Spartacus.

Our Spartacus came to the rescue of Mildred, an online magazine where the ambitious vision had been thwarted by existing open-source CMS. Just like the real Spartacus, we’re always up for a challenge. So we started with a blank screen and developed a tough-as-nails system that met all of Mildred’s creative demands – and made it really easy for the user to manage all the content on the back end.

Spartacus was built so it could be customised to fit any client’s specific needs. The platform Mildred got is different to those provided to other clients – but each works just as well. And like the movie, all of these CMS gladiators can proudly declare: “I am Spartacus.”

The Results

We delivered a bespoke CMS that beat all contenders and won Mildred's heart. It allowed for the client to have complete control of the front and back end of the website, which is something they are still 100% happy with, two years later.

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